Sit Stand Desks That Can Be Adjusted Depending On Your Activity Schedule

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It is no new revelation that modern society is plagued by a disease of increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Indeed, there have been numerous studies done on this topic and the many health conditions that typically accompany a sedentary lifestyle. While the modern human sits in many situations such as driving to work or eating a meal, the biggest contributor to the amount of time that a person sits in the day is the time spent at an office. Indeed, an adult typically spends more than half of their waking hours sitting down and most of these are at a desk, working. Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time every day can lead to an increased incidence of heart disease and diabetes. Using sit stand desks that can be adjusted depending on your activity schedule attempts to combat the symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle through subtle changes to your position while you work.

Having an office job should not mean that you are forever condemned to a future of health problems. Studies have shown that just standing up around every 20 minutes can significantly affect your body physiologically, staving off heart disease and diabetes. This benefit arises because by standing up, you work certain muscles in your legs and back that increase the production of certain enzymes that break down fat. In fact, just the simple action of standing up encourages the body to burn more calories.

Standing up isn’t difficult! Simply adjusting your desk to stand up while you make a phone call or read emails can do wonders for your health in the long run. Most sit stand desks make this easy by adjusting their height with a quick push of a button – no cranking required. However, if you are looking for an upper body workout during your day, it is also possible to purchase desks that have to be hand cranked. While sit stand desks are not an adequate substitute for the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity per day that is recommended for adults, using sit stand desks that can be adjusted depending on your activity schedule will lead to improvements in long-term health and also indirectly improve productivity in the workplace – a plus for any business owner.

Systems Commercial Furniture is an Auckland-based company that provides quality sit stand desks that can be adjusted depending on your activity schedule. They have over 30 years’ experience in the furniture industry and are guaranteed to have something to suit your needs, regardless of your budget or the size of desk that you are looking for. Whether you are purchasing sit stand desks for your whole office, or only a few of your business’ employees want one, they can work with you onsite to optimise your office layout for the number of sit stand desks that you need. If you are looking for inspiration for outfitting and improving your working environment, you can visit their showroom and their qualified team will be able to help you out. To know more about us, visit: SYSTEMSCOMMERCIAL

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