Enjoy Your Dream Beachfront Lifestyle with Canal Homes on the Sunshine Coast

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If your family enjoys being active outdoors, or simply a relaxing walk along a pristine beach, then Australia’s Sunshine Coast is a definite go-see. The breathtaking Sunshine Coast is considered the place to be, when one is looking to purchase a new home.  With miles of beautiful beaches, top quality golf courses, hiking trails, untainted nature and ocean views in every direction, one need not look further than the canal homes Sunshine Coast has available in the Pelican Waters planned community.

Whether you are a local or international buyer, the canal homes are the perfect housing solution for you and your family. It is not simply enough to choose to build or purchase a home in a sought after area; but of vital importance to ensure that you get a renown agency to assist in choosing a home that suits your specific needs. The Sunshine Coast is perfectly situated close to all major amenities, such as Brisbane’s airport, private schools as well as offers hours of shopping fun. In fact, the entire community is designed to offer each individual resident a sense of pride in being part of an exclusive community that caters for all their needs.

Quick access to the city of Brisbane which is a mere 40 minutes from most developments in the area means that you can have the luxury of working in the city but live in the heart of nature. This is where the canal land becomes an important part of your buying decision due to its good proximity.

This is the place where you can find your dream canal homes Sunshine Coast property. With a wide variety of architecturally designed houses, you can be confident that they will have that one in a million home you are planning to buy. Regardless of whether you are buying off plan or choosing an already constructed home, this planned community development is more than capable of meeting all your demands. The Pelican Waters planned community development offers a great diversity of self-styled homes so whatever your tastes, you are always adequately catered for. For additional details, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunshine_Coast,_Queensland.

Most people will think that living in the heart of the Sunshine Coast is unaffordable. This is not necessarily true due to the ingenious way that the community at the Pelican Waters is set up. Choices vary from beachfront homes to those with a distant view of the ocean. But in truth, you will never know if living in this unique community is a possibility if you do not contact a local estate agency and see what they have on offer. Homes available range in style and size and you are guaranteed to find that one property that in fact fits your existing budget.

Australia’s Sunshine Coast has the perfect blend of modern without compromising on what nature has to offer.  This is one place on the planet where dreams really do merge and become a reality. Imagine waking up to a breath taking ocean view every day! If this is what you dream of, then why not make it a reality?  Sample out the canal homes Sunshine Coast development at the Pelican Waters and start making your dreams reality.

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