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It takes years and years of saving for you to be able to buy something of great value and that is just not something that most people are capable of doing. This is where loans become convenient for those who are thinking of buying a house. Most of the time, a mortgage is something that plays into mind. Refinancing your home is a hard decision to make especially if the purpose for your loan makes it difficult for you to convince lenders. Wouldn’t it be convenient to know exactly what these lenders are looking into before they approve your loan application? I think that makes things complicated and it would be difficult for you to make things work just to please lenders for you needs.  Here in My Home Mortgage, we understand, we offer loans for investment in Florida and we give considerations because we know it is of great importance to our customers.



We have simplified our loan process and all you have to do is fill out our online form found on our website. Here are the top reasons why we would be the best company for you to think of for your refinancing loans.  We even have utilized a tool for you to use, in case you need to know how much your house is worth.  It is the perfect starting point for you to get an unbiased estimate of you home’s market value in today’s market.

Some lenders give restrictions when it comes to the amount that they will grant you. Our company gives you up to 80% refinancing for your existing loan. This is because we are aware that you may feel stressed in case the money which you think might help you fail. Once you have contacted us we will offer you the loan refinancing which will help you avoid defaulting your loan payment obligations which can result in credit problems in the future.

We have thought of different ways to come up with affordable rates for the interest. Once you have decided to take our refinancing services, you will be surprised that you will be paying less for your loan repayment.

There are some cases wherein your credit score might not be that perfect due to some unavoidable circumstances. All you have to do is approach us or call us here at and we will help you.  We will be able to consider you for refinancing and help you improve your credit score.  We have employed the aid of financial experts who give us professional advise and together we can come up with a solution to financial problem.

Whatever your reason is for refinancing, we will listen to you and give you an offer. This will help you settle your existing loans and debts.  We have qualified professionals who will personally treat your case tailored to your needs. There would be no complicated terms and conditions, we will explain everything as clearly as possible on what would transpire and what needs to be done. We will guide you through the whole process so that you would not be confused.

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